Monday, October 28, 2002

Respect my authori-thai!

Hiya all, I've been playing about on the net today, because I'm in a place that has unlimited use of the internet for a fixed fee.

After a tough slog job hunting we've taken on jobs fundraising for the charity WSPA . We're on the collecting people's details for monthly donations. Yep, I've become one of those annoying people that tries to stop you in the street to get you to sign up with a charity. My day mostly consists of saying "Hi miss, have you heard of Wispa?" and having peple ignore me.

Its tough work but it feels like we're doing something worthwhile and we get to go out and about. There is a LOT of loonies on the streets of sydney though (some still with their hospital braclets on). I met this one crazy guy who said he was being paid to smuggle children out of Europe to Australia "because its about to become a war zone". He continued "the problem is getting them to go even when they dont want to" Aaarh what a nutter!!!

Aside from that, I haven't been up to a huge amount. Mel (who was with us in California) is now in Sydney too so we've been meeting up with her a bit.

And now for the cool websites:

I found this cool New Zealand site that is basically a journal of a guy that went there. He went to a lot of the same places that I went to and has some cool photos. He even mentions the obnoxious hostel owner that we met in Queenstown.

FHM's 100 greatest websites is a cool list to waste masses of time looking at webstes

Cool game: See how far you can throw a virtual paper dart

Keep track of whose turn it is to to make coffee next in your office. Good idea, but requires lots of registration information, unfortunately.

This optical illusion might freat yer chicken$FILE/image001.jpg?OpenElement&1033033489

miniature car wrecks to use as accessories in bonsai gardens. Weird but oddly cool

Diving monkeys game

That's all fer now,