Sunday, December 13, 2009

End of year catch-up

I've not been particularly good at updating the olde blog with the latest happenings, so here is a run through on some of the places we've been.

Brighton Carnival
My main memory of this was that it was one of our first trips out with James. And somehow he is able to fall asleep amongs this cocophany of sound.

We saw the Red Arrows at Dartmout Reggatta, and stayed in a really cool farmhouse in Exmoor.

A Stormtrooper Kidnapped My Baby
(Actually, just a promotion at the Lego store, but how cool is that)

Our main holiday was to Spain, staying near Mijhas, visting Alhambra, Antequera and
Marbella. James spent a lot of the time in the sling with his sun hat on. We spent a lot of time carrying him, and picking up his hat.

We joined the NCT, so visited a few properties, including Nymans, Wakehurst and Sheffield Park.