Monday, August 29, 2005

Sunny Bank Holiday Monday

Just a chilled out day in Hove with the family.

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A slight bias in the photos there perhaps, but the baby is just too cute.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sheffield Park

We have a day out with Jo's mum to Sheffield Park (in Sussex, not Sheffield). It's a lovely place, with beautiful lakes and gardens.

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On the way back, I remember to take a photo of the Graffiti on the wall by Brighton Train station of two policemen kissing. It's lifesize, so is very striking, though sadly the eyes have been sprayed over. It is by famous local graffiti artist Banksy.

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sand Sculptures

Jo's mum is visiting, and we all go down the marina to have a look at the Sand Sculptures they've got there. Quite unlike I've seen anything before - huge sand scuptures with an Egyptian theme.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hitler Wrote 20 Pop Songs

I went to see my brother Peter's play in Camden, and was most impressed. TYhough Camden itself is a very strange place in the evening. Tom Davies joined us, which was lovely.

Review of the play:

Blair’s Nazi roots exposed with witHITLER WROTE 20 POP SONGSEtcetera - By TOM FOOT
WE have all been misled. All those hours studying World War II at secondary school and the teachers had it wrong.Hitler was not moved to world conquest by evil, greed or envy, but because his agent did not appreciate his pop songs.This is not a world exclusive, I must report, but a satire on Tony Blair, whose university rock band – The Ugly Rumours – never made it big.Hitler and Blair strike up a dreamy relationship in this outlandish production from Theatre de C**t.The actors – aged between 18 and 22 – perform 20 scenes from everyday life, although this company’s take on everyday life may be a little different to your own.Londoners walk around with Swastikas and Britain’s workers are turning into another bunch of unthinking henchmen.Blair being “at one” with Hitler is hard to swallow, and the zealous Nazi salutes from Conrad Murray will make you uncomfortable.There was a point when I thought this might rival The Man Behind the Iron Mask debacle for worst musical of the century. But punctuating Theatre de C**t’s militant script are flashes of rare skill worth the entrance fee alone.In one scene, a young private school boy gets happy-slapped by kids in the street. This savage beating is choreographed superbly – perhaps a little too knowingly. The actors work together in slow motion, as if you were watching on a mobile phone, to create one of the best scenes I have seen at the fringe all year.Last week one local paper reported residents’ disbelief that the Etcetera theatre would stoop so low as to hire Theatre de C**t. “I’m tired of hearing five-year-old children calling each other swear words,” mused one resident, “if the theatre company need to resort to these tactics the show probably isn’t worth seeing.”In fact, if that person – so alarmed by society’s slide into oblivion – would see the play they would learn a bit about why they hear five-year-olds swearing.As for the name of the theatre company – what’s all the fuss about? Shakespeare used literally hundreds of puns on the word and no one bats an eyelid.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Summer BBQ

Whoever said you couldn't have a fun Barbeque when it rains? We invite a whole bunch of people over to my mum's house in hove and invite a few people over, including lot's of Jo's work colleagues. Linda and Pippa come too, which is cool because I haven't seen Pippa for something crazy like four years.

We set up the house, blow up some balloons, and get lots of nice food. And then, as I go to light the barbeque, it stats to rain. Evenually I'm able to get it going, and dash in and out of the house into the rain to put on food, flip burgers etc. Somehow, despite the rain to food cooks okay!

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