Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Kill Bill

iam experimenting with not using capital letters and any other surploufous punctuation. and using words like surploufous. its quite a difficult habit to break.

i went to see kill bill on monday. i tried to use a pizza hut voucher (that theyve bin advertising it reccently - you buy this meal deal and get a free cinema ticket), but apparently you need the receipt as well, so i couldnt go in. the facists. kill bill was disapointing in the extreme. it is quite slow and i found myself bored, and wishing the film over. it wasnt helped by jo practically falling asleep. i think i had expectaions of it being a very fast moving film, so when it dragged on it jarred. also, i had only read good reviews, so wasn't prepared for it not blowing me away. also, was a bit tired, jo really wasn't into the film, the cinema smelled and had bad sound so that didnt help.
still, lord of the rings is out soon. hurrah.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

URE History, Seddon

I notice that you can still visit the URE webiste, frozen in time.

Mark & Tom

Tom D's Birthday

Went to Tom Davies' birthday, which was about as close to a flashmob as I've gotten to. Eat lots of sweets and do odd things with Mirrors in the Tate Modern

Dear Special Person,

You are cordially invited to - nay, press-ganged into...

"Tom Davies and Joanna Gamper's Up-Until-Now-Highly-Secret-Twenty-Fourth
Birthday Celebrations!"

All activities happen between 12.24noon and 3am on SATURDAY 25th OCTOBER.
One may participate in as much or as little of the events as is practical.

LOCATION 1 - Tate Modern, South Bank (nearest tube - Waterloo)
TIME - 12.24noon precisely

At 12.24, meet on the bridge in the centre of the Turbine Hall. You must
bring with you:-

- A small pocket or compact MIRROR. Alternatively, bring WHATEVER MIRROR YOU

- A bag containing SWEETS. The amount of sweets must be THE AMOUNT YOU WOULD
LIKE TO EAT. Feel free to bring more than you would like to eat. The type of
the sweets does not matter; Haribo would be ideal, but be inventive. These
sweets must be EDIBLE and not have any MEAT INGREDIENTS for our vegetarian
contingent. Not that sweets tend to have meat in them, but there we go.

You will receive further information on the bridge in the Turbine Hall.
Please bring with you a MIRROR and your SWEETS.


LOCATION 2 - A pub near the Tate Modern
TIME - sometime between three and six pm

After leaving location 1, we will progress to one of the South Bank's more
reasonable pubs or bars. If you wish to join us at this point, call Tom when
you get to the South Bank.


LOCATION 3 - Your choice
TIME - between six and nine pm

Six til nine are the officially designated food and changing hours.
Depending on how close you live to London, you are welcome to go home, eat
and change in preparation for Location 4, or to stay with us, eat in town
and change in some toilets, like a superhero or Harrison Ford in the


LOCATION 4 - "Mind Fluid", Sosho, 2 Tabernacle Street, EC2
Nearest tube - Old Street
Map here -,+London,+EC2a&searchp=newsearch.srf&mapp=newmap.srf)
TIME - before nine pm til 3am

Here is the description of the disturbingly-named "Mind Fluid" from Time

"Kev Beadle and guest Abi Clarke (Soul Jazz Soundsystem) present the best
funky breaks, Latino and anything with soul at this stylish two-floor

This is FREE BEFORE NINE PM and the THREE POUNDS AFTER 9PM. We'll be there
before nine, for we are cheapskates and struggling artists. The night goes
on til three am. Come and go as you please. We know nothing about this club,
but it sounds cool.


God bless you all, and feel special, for this opportunity comes only once.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Bos, birthdays, Bailey & Bush

3 Weekends ago:
Jo drags me along to see Craig David. They kept us waiting for a long while but it was still enjoyable. Jo’s a big fan & I used to take the piss, but he’s quite tuneful. He finished off the night with Artful Dodger Rewind - when the crowd say Bo Selecta! and everyone was shouting “selecta” which was quite funny.

2 Weekends ago:
My brother Peter’s birthday, so I pop to London for a visit. He’s 22 now, which makes me feel old. Jo bought him a really camp pink candle that sets of all kinds of pyrotechnics and plays a tune.

Last weekend:
Went to see Bill Bailey on Saturday afternoon which was great. He’s down as part of the Brighton Comedy Festival. He started mocking the west country accent (where he’s from) saying how no one takes you seriously, then started singing songs like phylis Nelson - 'move closer' in a west country styleee. Apparently he went up for the part of Gimli the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings, and thought he was making a fool of himself, doing the voice in a westcountry accent, only to find that everyone in the film has the accent. He also did a hilarious new national anthem for the UK which involved doing the song 'zippidee doo dah' in a Portishead style. He also did a bit
of 'Drum & Bush' (Drum & Bass using sound bytes from G.Bush).

Also have started reading Micheal Moore's latest book - 'Dude! Where's my country?' which criticized Bush Jr. Very readable.

Monday, October 13, 2003


Funky & freaky : American School Kids draw to Radiohead.


A ambigram is a way of writing a word so it says something when it is also turned upside down. And does it for you!

I tried it for markseddon , so that it would say joannebeer upside-down - since they are both 10 letters long. Works ok.

pretty funky stuff - never heard of it before today!