Monday, November 25, 2002

Its hot out here. I've been continuing to work doing fundraising on the street - which is pretty hard going. Still it gets me out and about. The other day we were working near this lovely beach, and at lunch we sat down and looked at the surfers doing their thang. It was pretty windy and the waves were massive so they were doing all these tricks - I felt like I was in a Travel programme. Which I am in a way.

I have had many a weird experience doing this job. The other week I met a freak on every day that I worked.

Monday: Woman on methadone who started crying, saying "I want to go out there working for WSPA and break the chains!" Which is lucky, as WSPA is currently looking to recruit suicidal junkies. Not vets, that would be silly.

Tuesday: Drunk guy who said (right in my face so I could breathe in his filthy beer breath) "your problem is that you're overpaid, oversexed and over here". His problem was that he was drunk at 9am.

Wednesday: Big guy, Heroin addict wearing surgical glove on one hand, and sporting a manky looking crow on his shoulder. Feeds crow raw meat.

Thursday: Hippy, who says that all the dolphins are commiting suicide to enter a higher astral plane because the world ends in 2012.

Friday: Drunk guy stares at our petition against bear bile farming in China for a few minutes. Then writes: "I HAVE SEEN THE PICKCHURES - WHERES THE MONEY - GUNS" . Poignant.

They've also got the Gay Games on in Sydney at the moment. The other day I was working for WSPA in the park, and had nothing but a continual stream of the internationally gay walk past. I've heard that Sydney is the Gayest city in the world - I thought it was San Francisco before, but there's certainly a lot of them about.

I've met up with Tom Scruby again (last seen in New Zealand) and he's kipped on our floor a few nights. Jo's friend Lucy is also over visiting so we did some of the touristy things. We went to Toronga Zoo and the Aquarium too. We got some photos up close with the Koalas (they're so cute!).

My parents are in Oz on holiday at the moment so I'm seeing a bit of them - they've treated us so some nice meals. We ate in the Hard Rock Cafe right next to John Lennon's lyrics to 'Jealous Guy' which was pretty cool. They're staying at this swish hotel and I went over to use their pool. The girl at the reception said 'Don't I know you from somewhere?' And of course, I'd stopped her on the street to get her to join this charity. She must have thought it was pretty odd that I was in this nice hotel!

We're now on a weeks holiday with my parents in Bogangar, which is a little South of Brisbane. We're pretty much chilling out - today we went to a fruit themed park - (formerly Avocadoland). Then we're going to Fraiser Island for a few days before heading back to Sydney.

We had a lovely time on Fraser Island - it really is quite an amazing place. Its astonishing that its all on the sand. The weather wasn't too hot - the first rain on the island in months. But we got to see a dingo, so that was quite impressive. Jo's camera is making a bit of a disturbing grinding noise, so we recon its got sand in it -oh dear.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

This blog thing is annoying. It wasn't working earlier.