Sunday, February 18, 2007

Skiiing in St Anton

We just took a week's skiing holiday in St Anton, Austria to have a bit of a break before things get manic with studying for accountancy exams again. We sat our latest lot of exams in November and both passed those, so now we are both sitting our finals together in May.

The holiday pictures are here.

We flew with Ryanair to Friedrichshafen in Germany, and then caught the train up into the mountains to St Anton in Austria, where we spent 4 days skiing. I've been a few times before - I used to go every year with his family, though haven't been for a while so am a bit rusty! Jo has only had a couple of days when we were travelling in New Zealand. We went skiing down a volcanoe and got stuck up the top of the mountain in a blizzard! Austria was quite different and it made a very nice change from our usual type of holiday. (And a nice change from work too!)

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Also here are some youtube videos, hopefully the links will work..
Jo skiing
Mark doing an ikkle jump - blink and you'll miss it!
Jo Ice-skating on real ice