Saturday, June 21, 2003

Ashley Amos net update

Bored on the net I did a search for old bangers and ash face.

Tom came in at first place with his shrine. Damn his eyes. Description: The Ashley Amos Shrine. In friendly competition with Mark Seddon’s Ashley shrine.
My Ashley site came in at second place. Description: Ashley Amos All bow down before the man they call Amos! Set up to rival Tom Davies’ shrine.
Nice to see we're both very self-referential.

Also, this from the guild election site. What a photo to use. He looks severely constipated.

On The Times website a certain Ashley Amos from Sevenoaks, Kent asks:
How difficult was it to take a section of the media to court whilst enjoying a high profile role within that same industry?
This must be him?

A BBC talking point website on the subject of a German professor who has carried out a public autopsy as part of a controversial art exhibition in London features a post from Ashley Amos, Exeter, UK
When I was editing the student newspaper at university, we covered a visit by Prof. Von Hagens' Bodyworlds exhibition to campus. It was judged a rather macabre indulgence by the majority of students who had a look around. Despite that however, few could walk past the exhibition without taking a closer look. People like Prof. Von Hagens are playing on the dark recesses of our curiosity.
The ever quotable Ash has part of his text highlighted: " People like Von Hagens are playing on the dark recesses of our curiosity "

And thus endeth my search.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Shout outs - new feature!

Nicking the Idea from Tom, I have added a "Shout Out" link at the bottom of each blog entry. He before me, nicked it from Klink Family

Click on it and leave your own witty comments.

Update for May/June

I'm living at home in London at the moment, Jo is staying here too. It's a little bit weird living back home with my parents after such a long time away (abroad and at living at Exeter). It's quite convenient, I can use the computer to look for jobs, it's not too bad getting into London and my parents generally leave me to do what I want. I don't know how long we'll stay here for - I guess once we get jobs we'll start looking for somewhere. In fact, we'll brobably be going to stay in Brighton over the summer.

My sister Amanda is buying a house in Dulwich nearby, and will be staying here for a bit too, while she gets her new house up to scratch. So all of the Seddon family will be staying back at the house for the first time since who knows when? Probably when Amanda left for university 8 or so year ago.

We've been back over a month now. We went down to see Jo's familly in Devon (mum in Torquay and dad in Dartmouth). The first 'night out' when we got back to England was a night in Torquay. Loads of girls were really dressed up, trying to do the Christina Aguilera 'Dirrty' look, with long blonde hair with black bits showing through, and tiny skirts (despite it being frikkin freezing outside). It was Jo's birthday a couple of weeks ago and we went to see 'Jery Springer the Opera' in London, which was absolutely hilarious. A very bizzare combination of Opera and Jerry Springer shenanigans. This weekend just gone, we went down to see Will Jelbert for his birthday. It was fun & we saw some of the old Reuters peeps.

Other than that, I've applying for jobs (and watching lots of DVDs). We've finally got all of our photos developed, so I'm making a start at scanning some of them onto the computer, and making a website for our travels.

Something funny that happened to me...
I get this entry in my guest book:

How strange... Just as im revising for my IT A level, i decide to type in dulwich college is utter shit in a search engine and what should come up, but Mark Seddon's site!

It's from Tom, the brother of my friend Charlotte, which just goes to show what a small world it is, but also what a weird site i have. Funnier though, is that i've got the google search engine thinking that Dulwich college is utter shite too .
Have you had a look at ?
If you ask who is tom davies? One of the results is "tom davies is the new champion of the male age" . Brilliant.


A woman has twins, and gives them up for adoption. One
of them goes to a family in Egypt and is named Amal.

The other goes to a family in Spain, who name him
Juan. Years later, Juan sends a picture of himself
to his mum.

Upon receiving the picture, she tells her husband
that she wished she also had a picture of Amal.

Her husband responds, "But they are twins.
If you've seen Juan, you've seen Amal."