Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sun, Sea and Superheroes

I was at Brighton Seafront last in April watching the annual Superhero Challenge fun run, which raises money for the charity Passing It On. It was an excellent event, and there were a lot of very good costumes.

Apparently it is the fourth annual run (I missed the last one as I only found out afterwards) with 550 people taking part, but it sounds like it's getting bigger every year. The weather may have been the best so far this year - with my forehead receiving a touch of sunburn.

There were lots of excellent costumes, including several Dangermouses (Dangermice?, Supermen, Banana Men, Hulks, Buzz lightyears, and some standouts including Iron man, She-Hulk and Silver Surfer. The Penelope Pitstop girls who were helping out the organisers and taking photos looked very cool!

My photos of the day were included in a write up of the day at the Forbidden Planet blog, making me a regular Peter Parker - professional superhero photographer.

My photos:
Featured on a wonderwoman blog!
More of my photos on Facebook gallery.

A youtube video someone did of the day:

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