Sunday, December 13, 2009

End of year catch-up

I've not been particularly good at updating the olde blog with the latest happenings, so here is a run through on some of the places we've been.

Brighton Carnival
My main memory of this was that it was one of our first trips out with James. And somehow he is able to fall asleep amongs this cocophany of sound.

We saw the Red Arrows at Dartmout Reggatta, and stayed in a really cool farmhouse in Exmoor.

A Stormtrooper Kidnapped My Baby
(Actually, just a promotion at the Lego store, but how cool is that)

Our main holiday was to Spain, staying near Mijhas, visting Alhambra, Antequera and
Marbella. James spent a lot of the time in the sling with his sun hat on. We spent a lot of time carrying him, and picking up his hat.

We joined the NCT, so visited a few properties, including Nymans, Wakehurst and Sheffield Park.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

History, Maths & Geography by mark 7-8 ish

History: A Tudor sailor

Not really sure about the historical accuracy of this one.
"in Tudor times the only job you could get was to be a sailor"
"the main thing you could eat was a stale biscuit with a maggot in"

But nice to see the motifs of my art reocurring, the bloody knife held by a sailor who looks like a giant elf.

Maths: "I collected 10 star wars toys and for a treat daddy gave me 3 more. How many have I now?"

Do you recognise all of the Star Wars characters? Love the Stormtrooper boobs in this picture. I remember there were a lot of these draw the addition assignments - it could be quite tiring and i would end up drawing smaller and rougher pictures as i went along.

Georgraphy: A contour map of the antartic shelf, in 3-D layers made out of cardboard

Artwork by Mark age 7

Twighlight of The Gods by O.B Gregory - a review and picture by Mark age 7 (ish)

"The Twilight of the gods is a very good book beacause i kept on reading it. Thor is a good character because he has got three things: a hammer, a belt and some gloves."

My picture to accompany my incisive review:
1) How much felt tip did I use?!!
2) Yay, a giant wolf with blood on its teeth!

Art by Mark, 9 years old

My mum just gave me a big box from the loft, full with my school books and artwork. I thought it might be fun to post some of it here.

Lets start with this piece, which i recon might have been done when i was about 9.

I say 9, as that was when the new Action Force toys came out, including Snake Eyes who may have had a slight influence on the black knight in the picture. By slight, I mean I basically drew him as best I could and then added a few extra lines to suggest armour. I have been relatively restrained, in only painting a little bit of blood.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beanoland closure

I was dragged along to Chessington as Jo's brother and his kids came to visit. As such I happened to be at the Beanoland closure by accident, amd witnessed a record breaking custard pie fight.

To mark the closure of Beanoland after 10 fabulous years Chessington celebrated by holding the world's biggest Custard Pie fight. More than 1,000 custard pies were thrown in under two minutes by 300 people at Chessington World of Adventures on 21st September , smashing the current record of 271 participants for the largest custard pie fight.

The pies, filled with 216kg of real custard and 50kg of whipped cream, were sold for £1 each, and raised more than £300 for Merlin's Magic Wand charity.

It had a real "last day of term" feel to it, i guess because it was probably the last day for all the staff working there. They all ended up covered in pies, probably moreso than the kids, and the characters - Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, Gnasher and Softie Walter all jumped in the fountain afterwards.

Comic book website bleeding cool ran my story here. (a bit of a regular occurance now).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lack Of Updates to the Blog

If you're wondering why I've not updated the blog in a while -

This would be the reason why.

Also, sadly the Geocities website will shortly be leaving us, so I have captured most of the material from my old site here:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby James

Baby James Seddon arrived at 3.54am on Tuesday at Brighton Hospital, weighing in at a whopping 9pounds 2 oz, 10 days overdue and with a full head of hair.

We arrived at the hospital about 1.30am so were only there for a couple of hours when baby James emerged, with Jo just using the tens machine and gas & air.

Baby and mum are doing well. Jo's mum is here and is helping lots.

I've added photos here:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Heroes Run - Brighton Beach

Heroes Run” is a charity fun run along Brighton Beach with loads of people dressed in superhero costumes. I was there last year (blogged here) and it was very entertaining.

It is organised by local charity Passing It On who raise money to build schools and support education in some of the poorest areas of Africa, and this year they are raising money for 2 projects: The Tenderfoot school in Kenya and The Dreamlands school in Ghana.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it - as my wife’s due date for giving birth was a week ago so I am currently on red alert. As it was, there didn't look to be an immediate danger of the baby arriving, so we decided to head down to the beach. At that point the heavens opened and torrential rain started coming down - it looked like weather for Aquaman. Fortunately just as we stepped out of the front door the clouds parted and there was a beautiful blue sky for a good few hours, wo we were able to walk/ waddle to the beach without getting wet. I even got a touch of sunburn on my forehead. But I feel sorry for all those runners who had got there early for the record breaking count and were in the rain with nothing but a layer of body paint to protect them.

This year the big difference was that they were trying to win the Guinness World record for most superheroes in one place. The World Record for “The most people dressed as Superheroes” of 103 was set by Bournemouth University in 2008 and there were some tough rules:

1. Each person must be dressed as a recognised superhero.
2. A recognised superhero is one that has been used in a published book, comic, television programme or film.
3. Each persons costume must be instantly recognisable as the superhero they are portraying.
4. All participants must be gathered in one location for a minimum of 10 minutes.

We didn't see the record breaking line up - if indeed there was one, but the record seems to have been firmly crushed. There were (I think) 1,400-ish runners, so even if some of the more dubious entries were disqualified, there was still a big margin for victory.

Today was the 5th year or the run, with the 500M kids dash, and a 5KM and 10KM for the grown ups. The kids dash was over before I knew it. There were a lot of mini spidermans an the like being wheeled around afterwards a long with a collection of Super-Dogs. As I was walking along I heard one mum say to her son "Stop tugging on my cape!", not the kind of thing you hear in a normal everyday situation.

The adults' 5KM and 10KM started at the same time - from the old pier to Hove Lagoon and back = 5kn. After a little wait, they were off. One professional photographer (well he had a florescent vest at any rate) was standing right in the middle of the course and was practically run over as the flood of Superheroes sped past.

It was funny to see the trends in what people had dressed as. This year there were about a billion Wolverines, Batmen and Hulks, but the breakout star was Dr Manhattan, of which there were about 4. None went with the full balls out look, but were very brave nonetheless.

2 Dr Manhattans have an impromptue picnic after the race:

There were also a few people who were clearly in the know with what was happening in the world of comics, with a Red Hulk, and the new Batwoman:

There was also a "celeb" entry, Brighton local Peter, from Big Brother who was running around with a video camera on a pole.

And to finish off, a few of my favourite photos:

All in all, it was a lot of fun, hope to check it again next year. Maybe in between now and then I can get some practice in before I have a run myself.

Update: Photos from this blog are featured on Lying In The Gutters.

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