Friday, June 28, 2002

Another random old thing, found searching old newspaper reports. A court crime report from the DERBY
EVENING TELEGRAPH, featuring the names Mark Seddon and James McNally . What are the chances?

- Mark SEDDON (21), fined £330, ordered to pay £200 costs and
£400 compensation for criminal damage on February 12,
- James McNally MORRIS (JAMES MORRIS ) (34), given two
combination orders, each consisting of 80 hours'
community service and 12 months' probation,
for receiving stolen property and attempting to use a
stolen cheque on April 20, 1998.


Incidently, James had this to say at the time:
First time on the URE forum, so I'm a bit nervous, but
just thought I'd put Mark Seddon right on the old crime thing. I'm afraid
unlike him I left the mean streets of Derby and its petty crime long
ago...check out for some of my more recent and
some would say slightly more psychotic exploits...p.s this sight is genuine,
found for me by a friend when looking for me on the web.

Cleaning up my email account, I found this. Thanks to Danny for this Transcript.
Photos are here

Born Sleepy Productions presents the logbook to:
Mark Seddon, 27 January 2001
Edited: Danny Lawrence, 28 January 2001

6.30 Many, many people turn up at St James station. Russ looks like
Buller off 11 O’Clock Show with bleach blonde hair. Illuminates station.
Harry provides stunningly illustrated map of Topsham. Danny tells us
about his quiz. Rupert asks if sitting down and drinking as much as we can
would be better.

Bridge Inn
Ash (corporate whore) buys a Guinness.
Nick teaches us international sign of excited mouse.
Tuesday, Rupert has to go to dentist (2.30)
Real Ale debate – James’ name for new one “Arab’s wink”

Steam Packet, 7.30
Nick: “Phill’s round”
Mark: “He is, but it’s a bit cruel to keep on pointing it out.”
Becca complains about being called the station slut.
Harry: “Yeah, Matt’s the station slut, the same way Rupert’s the
station gut.”
Landlady draws curtains despite Nick’s kind offer to do it himself.
Alex wants to get Ray the Topsham website guy.
James: “I would, but I think he hates us.”
Nick confidently inserts that someone will eat flowers at 8pm. Mark
bets him a pie they won’t.

Lighter Inn, 8pm
The pie virtually in Nick’s hands as Matt examines flowers but no
munching yet!
Rupert: “Hey! Every gulp is difficult!”
Phill tries to snog Nick.
James claims to have a website:
Danny asks me to minute his thanks for taking minutes.
Alex’s shirt is a point of some contention.
James: “Danny, is your hair too short, or your head too big?”
Danny insults Mark’s website. Mark notes that he can insult me when he
fucking gets a life of his own.
Danny: “Russ, your hair’s crap.”
James: “But I like your alice band”
(Photo 29)
Alex challenges Matt to a flower eating contest, but flowers stolen by
barmaid from Mark.
Matt soils flower upon ground.
“Bring it on” – Matt – such a Mattism, another one “Top notch”.

The Globe, 8.45pm
Russ was sitting behind Danny and Harry goes “Danny there’s a mosquito
behind you.” (That’s it, by Oli).
Jamie notes that getting a show with Louise was a good idea, to get a
mainstream show.
Oli knows too much about Mayfair. Complains about too many articles –
Club International is better.
8.50: Rupert takes photo of his cock [Ed – thank Christ it didn’t come
out] Danny Keo [sic.] Betting Shop story, locals: “I’ll put me baby on the
8.15 at Uttoxeter”
Earlier mosquito quote corrected: Russ wearing sunglasses, Olivia:
“Russ, you look like a twat, take them off.”
Chris Homewood pulls Marie-Anne [sic.]– Marie-Anne [sic.] goes down. –
Louise gets talk from Harry about men – this involves a 10 min
Send URL of website to Katie Morris.
Matt Loucks: “I’m not posing for any naked calendar, I’m a very private
Chris Homewood: “I’ll pose but you’ll need two vinals. [sic.]

[Ed – it looks like events have moved to the Salutation Inn]
William Maxwell: “a brown ‘atter”, says local old man. [Ed – Bill
Maxwell, Salutation landlord, earlier spotted with fellow old Scots in Lighter
and Globe].
Realise Vishal went 4 wwtbam - (Who wants to be a millionnaire?) –
would only give him 2-5am slot so said no – James comments.
Alex Gener is getting Chris Homewood drunk by buying him another drink.
Things are not boding well.
9.30. Harris Master Plan: become Denis Norden.
Hilarious Jane Middlemiss spartacus pastiche.
Saved by the Bell better than Next Generation.
Olivia and Gronia [sic.] chat up the locals. I disposed of my extra
drink in Becca and the ladies’ toilet!!

Drakes, 9.30
Danny told to stop playing piano. [Ed – and very rudely too, a
letter of complaint has been sent].
Olivia and Grainne promise sexual favours to Harry in exchange for
their victory in the quiz thing. Nick is disgusted yet strangely aroused.
[Written on back of a quiz clue card]: We the undersigned agree to
separately service Mr T C Harris on a regular basis or until he comes
whichever may come first. Signed O J Vindon and G A Staunton.
Email Kate re clothes.
Kate undoes Rupert’s belt.
Rupert: “Kate is the dirtiest slapper I have ever met in my life.”
PS. Celtic Wok [Ed – the nearest interpretation of handwriting
Danny insists on everyone having a quiff before he tells the clue.
Steph says Marie Anne [sic] is the 1st to be sick.

... journal ends.

Other notes from back of journal:

Stories that Gary will tell.

1. On Topshop roof
Matt: 10.53
2. Outside broadcast story – toilet / Blackie, three legged pub crawl.
3. 1st to swear on FM
4. sitting on Matt’s head. (Matt?)
5. thrash metal ball – James.

Times of things we know will happen.
1. Matt / someone else eats flowers
2. 1st person to be sick
3. Matt pulls a laydee
4. James Mc tries to throw someone off the bay / over a bridge
5. A cone is accumulated
6. someone falls over drunkenly and / or lies on the floor
7. James punches Becca Guildcrist.

Results from the Quiz

The Bridge:
On our quest to get pissed
at the start of the list
we come to the Bridge
to make sure it’s not missed.
We have a small drink cos we cannot resist,
On the banks of the river
Which is not called the Exe. (DCL)
What is the name of the river?
Answer: Clyst. 8 replies, all correct.

The Steam Packet:
There was a sea captain called Buttell,
And around his good ship he would scuttle,
He stopped at the Packet
And left his life jacket,
But what was the name of his shuttle? (DCL, TCH)
Answer: King George, 8 replies, all correct.

The Lighter:
Beware of the china, don’t act like a bull,
For with porcelain the Topdeck is full,
At the 96 Wreck-Sail you’d do well to pull,
So instead, find the number of bails of old wool. (TCH)
Answer: 56, 8 replies, 4 correct.
Note: Comic stupidity of the night, after wandering round for a good 10
minutes, Danny Keough found the correct poster and still got the answer
wrong. Cretin.

The Globe Hotel:
When out in the country there’s nothing quite like
A tour on your cycle, a jaunt on your bike,
The cycle club which stops here is called CTC
Their crest is magnificent, where could it be? (TCH, DCL, LGB)
Answer: on the wall above the front door, 8 replies, all correct.
Note: The Girls team (Grainne, Olivia, Marianne) have their point
disqualified for being caught in the blatant act of telling another
team the
answer. See the minutes for their emergency reaction.
Second note: thanks to the Globe manageress for helping us with this

The Salutation Inn:
A coach-house it was but now it is not,
A restaurant and piano we know it has got,
The cheery old landlord was born as a Scot,
His first name is Bill and his surname is what? (TCH)
Answer: Maxwell, 8 replies, 7 correct.
Note: Bill Maxwell is officially the nicest bloke in Topsham (none of
Ray-from-last-time business). He was not present in his pub, but he and
barmaid both agreed to comply with our request not to tell people the
answer. The barmaid’s decision to just say “I don’t know what you’re
about” revealed her to be the stupid, ignorant cow we had suspected.

Not hot nor cold (as you may expect)
From various flavours you can select,
With 16 of them, don’t be defeated,
Some of them might just be repeated. (LGB)
What are they?
Answer: lids of wine barrels (stuck on the walls), 7 replies, 4
Alex Gener’s team drop out by default, due to not even being present.

The Passage Inn:
On the day of the crash on Titanic,
The events were quite plausibly manic,
The richest man there
Was seen to despair
And, much like the rest of them, panic.
His name can be found, not his face,
Above that of one Margaret Bays,
You’ll find the reply
In the Passage, oh my,
That sounds an uncomfortable place! (joke: TCH, poem: DCL)
Answer: Bruce Ismay, 4 replies, 3 correct, Rupert & Dave drop out.

The Exeter Inn:
Whose are the poos
That are left in the loos
Where our clues prevent yous
From getting the blues?
In your ones or your twos
You can, if you choose,
Play a game you could lose
But with how many cues? (TCH)
Answer: 16, 3 replies, 1 correct (only Team McPaveydale, Newsteam and
& Dave left, even though the latter withdrew in the Passage, according
Harris’ notes. I did the gag.
Second note: In the planning (on Thursday) Harry only counted 8 cues,
Phill found 16, including one under the table and another in the corner
the toilet.

There’s just time for one drink, we must have some speed
We must catch the train, it’s a rather large need!
There is not time to give all the wines here a try,
But if we bought one of each how many bottles would we buy? (DCL)
Answer: 27, 1 reply, correct.
Note: Phill doesn’t even ask barman, he counts wines on menu and

The 10th clue, the tie-breaker was not needed, but here it is for the

To gain some more points, and maybe just win,
Complete this verse, which I’ve thought to begin,
I think Xpression’s a wonderful name…

The results, in reverse order:
Last 4 / 5 Alex Gener’s team (Alex, Phil Mayling and friends)
7th 4 / 6 The Girls (Grainne, Olivia, Marianne)
6th 4 / 8 Newsteam (Tim, Ashley, Steph, Louise)
5th 5 / 6 Matt, Jon, James and Kate
4th 5 / 7 Keough and Oli
3rd 6 / 7 Russ, Chris, Becca and Jon (Treliving, of Exepose fame)
2nd 6 / 8 Rupert and Dave, perhaps joined by James Beattie.
1st 9 / 9 Phill Pavey (although technically all of Team McPaveydale –
Nick, Phill, James and Mark). The prize, four cans of Fosters.

Monday, June 24, 2002

As part of my application to work at BBC's new urban music station a while back, I had to

In no more than 600 words, tell us about a music event that you
were involved in organising that has appeal to your target audience.
We'd like to hear about what you did.

Here's what I came up with. Apologies in advance.

As a station that broadcasted only to University halls of residence on medium wave, the opportunity to reach a much larger audience was much anticipated by the members of University Radio Exeter (URE). This was achievable via a restricted service license (RSL), which allowed us to broadcast citywide on FM. During the Citywide broadcast, we reached a large listenership and worked if it were a professional station, with 24 hour weekday and weekend coverage over a two week period. All this, and lectures too!

In February 1998, I took part in my second RSL at URE. My first had been a year earlier, when I presented the latenight show. This time around, I was a lot more involved in the station and the organisational side of things, as I had been elected as head of music. In addition, I was to present the midmorning breakfast show. My main concerns were therefore the preparation and and presenting duties for my own show, ‘Seddonism’, as well as the responsiblilities for the station’s musical output. The preparation & planning for the event began long in advance.

From he show side of things I was testing and piloting ideas on my medium wave show to find out what worked and what didn’t, and trying to build the best team that I could. I wanted to create a real buzz around the show, where the listener knew that she show would be packed with entertainment and wouldn’t want to miss a minute. With this in mind I came up with a series of different features that I could have every day. The items were a mix of comedy sketches which required quite a lot of writing, and features with a basic framework to improvise around. I had arranged a deal with a local pizza takeaway so that I could give away a pizza on my show everydayto As my show had the backing of a good team behind it too (Chris and Kirsty), it meant that they could do their own thing too - this gave me a slight break, and gave a chance for them to be in the spotlight too! For me though, presenting the show itself was the most satisfying and creative aspect as at the end of it all I could see the fruits of my hard work. ( )

On the Station level, the launch involved a lot of work. As a committee member I was part of the meetings that decided how to go about this, including raising the money to go aheasd, attracting advertisers, programming decisions, publicity, events, jingles amd everything in between.
My personal responsibility was over the music. Through the good links that I had built up with pluggers and local stores, I was able to get the very latest music, as well as plenty of freebies to give away in competitions. I also was able to arrange several inverviews for the Citywide broadcast. I greatly enjoyed creating the playlist for the citywide broadcast. It enabled me to craft a station sound of diverse & exiting music to truly give an alterative to the sound of our rival stations. It was good to feel as though I were breaking a few quality tracks that wouldn’t otherwise be heard.

The strongest feeling that I’ll probably take away from the experience was that of the shared experience, and working as a solid team, whether it was the show called “Challenge Anarchists” where a group of DJs, including myself, would be set a series of bizzare challenges by the listeners (such as to become the most famous buskers in Exeter) , or the carnival float that was turned from a disaster into a triumph at the last minute, or the club nights that we organised and DJ-ed at. Ultimately though, the badge of success was the praise that we received from our listeners on the success that we made the event. And I still got my essay in on time.

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Read this and weep with joy.
Howdy y'all...

"A Review Of An Unmarked Mix Tape I Found In My Car" By Mark Groeschner

This amused me, especially his discussion of the Spin Doctors song "How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me)".

I never bought a Spin Doctors album, but the Good Lord knows I was tested. Thank Him Above for self-restraint. If only He had persuaded me never to buy the Crash Test Dummies Album as well, I would be a happy man.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Celeb Photo distortion fun!

Monday, June 10, 2002

I've been looking at this website. It is absolutely hilarious!