Tuesday, October 27, 2009

History, Maths & Geography by mark 7-8 ish

History: A Tudor sailor

Not really sure about the historical accuracy of this one.
"in Tudor times the only job you could get was to be a sailor"
"the main thing you could eat was a stale biscuit with a maggot in"

But nice to see the motifs of my art reocurring, the bloody knife held by a sailor who looks like a giant elf.

Maths: "I collected 10 star wars toys and for a treat daddy gave me 3 more. How many have I now?"

Do you recognise all of the Star Wars characters? Love the Stormtrooper boobs in this picture. I remember there were a lot of these draw the addition assignments - it could be quite tiring and i would end up drawing smaller and rougher pictures as i went along.

Georgraphy: A contour map of the antartic shelf, in 3-D layers made out of cardboard

Artwork by Mark age 7

Twighlight of The Gods by O.B Gregory - a review and picture by Mark age 7 (ish)

"The Twilight of the gods is a very good book beacause i kept on reading it. Thor is a good character because he has got three things: a hammer, a belt and some gloves."

My picture to accompany my incisive review:
1) How much felt tip did I use?!!
2) Yay, a giant wolf with blood on its teeth!

Art by Mark, 9 years old

My mum just gave me a big box from the loft, full with my school books and artwork. I thought it might be fun to post some of it here.

Lets start with this piece, which i recon might have been done when i was about 9.

I say 9, as that was when the new Action Force toys came out, including Snake Eyes who may have had a slight influence on the black knight in the picture. By slight, I mean I basically drew him as best I could and then added a few extra lines to suggest armour. I have been relatively restrained, in only painting a little bit of blood.