Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Best Films of 2008

Not very topical, but maybe of use for those of you updating your Lovefilm rental lists.

Here are my picks:

Dark Knight
Iron Man
Hellboy II
Slumdog Millionare

The Mist

Smaller Films:
The Fall
In Bruges

I also want to see The Wrestler, Gommorrah, waltz With Bashir, but haven't seen them yet.

Youngblood film

Mark’s top facts about the newly announced Youngblood film to be directed by Brett Ratner:

1. Ratner can’t ruin Youngblood by bringing it to the big screen. I mean, how could he?

2. All the actors will be shot from the ankles up, or have large rocks conveniently placed in front of their feet at all times.

3. One action packed sequence will feature one of the memorable Youngblood characters lopening all of their many pouches and zips to find a McGuffin.

4. The actors will have special retainers inserted in their mouths to keep them open at all times.

5. Were possible they will cast actors with strange anatomy, or use cutting edge implants to retain proportions from the book

6. The film poster will be a tracing of one of the posters for the X-Men films.

7. the first half of the movie will come out in two years but then the last act of the movie won't come out until 5 or 6 years later

8. The film will be based on his most famous story arc, the one that got all the rave reviews. You know the one with that thing happening.

Article about the project here, with interview with Rob Liefeld: