Friday, June 28, 2002

Another random old thing, found searching old newspaper reports. A court crime report from the DERBY
EVENING TELEGRAPH, featuring the names Mark Seddon and James McNally . What are the chances?

- Mark SEDDON (21), fined £330, ordered to pay £200 costs and
£400 compensation for criminal damage on February 12,
- James McNally MORRIS (JAMES MORRIS ) (34), given two
combination orders, each consisting of 80 hours'
community service and 12 months' probation,
for receiving stolen property and attempting to use a
stolen cheque on April 20, 1998.


Incidently, James had this to say at the time:
First time on the URE forum, so I'm a bit nervous, but
just thought I'd put Mark Seddon right on the old crime thing. I'm afraid
unlike him I left the mean streets of Derby and its petty crime long
ago...check out for some of my more recent and
some would say slightly more psychotic exploits...p.s this sight is genuine,
found for me by a friend when looking for me on the web.

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