Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beanoland closure

I was dragged along to Chessington as Jo's brother and his kids came to visit. As such I happened to be at the Beanoland closure by accident, amd witnessed a record breaking custard pie fight.

To mark the closure of Beanoland after 10 fabulous years Chessington celebrated by holding the world's biggest Custard Pie fight. More than 1,000 custard pies were thrown in under two minutes by 300 people at Chessington World of Adventures on 21st September , smashing the current record of 271 participants for the largest custard pie fight.

The pies, filled with 216kg of real custard and 50kg of whipped cream, were sold for £1 each, and raised more than £300 for Merlin's Magic Wand charity.

It had a real "last day of term" feel to it, i guess because it was probably the last day for all the staff working there. They all ended up covered in pies, probably moreso than the kids, and the characters - Dennis the Menace, Minnie the Minx, Gnasher and Softie Walter all jumped in the fountain afterwards.

Comic book website bleeding cool ran my story here. (a bit of a regular occurance now).

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