Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Bos, birthdays, Bailey & Bush

3 Weekends ago:
Jo drags me along to see Craig David. They kept us waiting for a long while but it was still enjoyable. Jo’s a big fan & I used to take the piss, but he’s quite tuneful. He finished off the night with Artful Dodger Rewind - when the crowd say Bo Selecta! and everyone was shouting “selecta” which was quite funny.

2 Weekends ago:
My brother Peter’s birthday, so I pop to London for a visit. He’s 22 now, which makes me feel old. Jo bought him a really camp pink candle that sets of all kinds of pyrotechnics and plays a tune.

Last weekend:
Went to see Bill Bailey on Saturday afternoon which was great. He’s down as part of the Brighton Comedy Festival. He started mocking the west country accent (where he’s from) saying how no one takes you seriously, then started singing songs like phylis Nelson - 'move closer' in a west country styleee. Apparently he went up for the part of Gimli the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings, and thought he was making a fool of himself, doing the voice in a westcountry accent, only to find that everyone in the film has the accent. He also did a hilarious new national anthem for the UK which involved doing the song 'zippidee doo dah' in a Portishead style. He also did a bit
of 'Drum & Bush' (Drum & Bass using sound bytes from G.Bush).

Also have started reading Micheal Moore's latest book - 'Dude! Where's my country?' which criticized Bush Jr. Very readable.

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