Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Kill Bill

iam experimenting with not using capital letters and any other surploufous punctuation. and using words like surploufous. its quite a difficult habit to break.

i went to see kill bill on monday. i tried to use a pizza hut voucher (that theyve bin advertising it reccently - you buy this meal deal and get a free cinema ticket), but apparently you need the receipt as well, so i couldnt go in. the facists. kill bill was disapointing in the extreme. it is quite slow and i found myself bored, and wishing the film over. it wasnt helped by jo practically falling asleep. i think i had expectaions of it being a very fast moving film, so when it dragged on it jarred. also, i had only read good reviews, so wasn't prepared for it not blowing me away. also, was a bit tired, jo really wasn't into the film, the cinema smelled and had bad sound so that didnt help.
still, lord of the rings is out soon. hurrah.

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