Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Blaine entered the box, hanging near Tower Bridge, on Friday night,
saying: "I can only hope for the best and expect the worse." But he may not
have been prepared for the great British sense of humour.

Tony Montana, manager of the Riverside Refreshments van parked just 50
yards from Blaine said: "If he doesn't like it, that's tough. We can't
move the smell." Can't move the smell? from a MOBILE burger van?? Hmm,
maybe all the money he's making is weighing it down - Montana has extended his opening hours as Blaine's stunt has seen his takings exceed £1,000 a day as more and more come to take a look themselves.

Have a look at this - Blaine's predicament as a metaphor for renting a flat in london.

Tom Davies adds (and I'm sure he won't mind the quote):
I went to see Blaine last night.

So far, the darkest thing has been the NAPPIES.

He has a supply of NAPPIES, presumably for the opening overs of the
fast... so, the shit is with him in the box in the first few days and then...
WHERE DOES IT GO? Does it just stay in the corner? Or does it give him
ammunition to lob at the egg chuckers. It was an insane atmosphere down there...

really weird people hanging around looking bored. It reminded me a lot of the
Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, but with less druids.

Plus I met this girl from my floor in Birks there. Weird shit, man.

Also Danny went and had a look. He thought it would be a good idea to sing some songs to Blaine, but people only knew Christmas carols, so they had to make do with that.

So far, the best thing: flying a cheeseburger attached to a remote control helicopter.

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