Friday, December 05, 2003

Kind hearts & Kidney Stones

Apparently, passing a Kidney stone is more painful than giving birth. This is the fun that I was having yesterday.

A week into my new job working as an accounts assistant at Seeboard, I leave work early complaining of a back ache. As i drive home, the pain is getting progressively worse. When I get home I have a lie down and wonder if a shower might help, then decide that an ambulance might be better placed to help as I writhe about in pain. The ambulance arrives just about as I start vomiting. As I'm taken down to the Ambulance Joanne faints, because of low blood pressure, and is helped down too. They give me some gas (as they do with pregnant women) but that doesn't help much. In fact I start hyperventila5ting and my hands lock up. When I get to the hospital they use me as a pin-cushion for a bit before they're happy they've injected me right, and give me some morphine which makes everything nice and woozy. Nap time.

Well that was the worst of it over, I have some X-Rays and blood tests, and I must have passed the stone at some point - which can be as small as just a wee spec of sand. My mum happens to be in the area, visiting the student house so is able to drop by the hospital, which is only good and right when you're poorly.

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