Sunday, June 13, 2004


I went to Homelands Dance Festival a couple of weekends ago, for my mate Will's stag night, which was quite fun.

When we arrived at Winchester station, the Radio DJ Tim Westwood was there, posing in front of his Humvee with 2 girls in short skirts (who were promoting Mixmag). We got the bus from there up to Homelands, where you have to walk up across some hilly fields and then down into the bowl. The security peeps checked our bags, and confiscated from Will most of his supplies - a bottle of champagne, beer and a case of redbull. He got through with his Evian bottle full of neat vodka though. He drank most of that himself, so was pretty trashed! At the entrance to Homelands,
some people had these backpacks with strongbow in, and were giving away free glasses to promote it, and I kept on going back all night for free drinks. They were also giving away some vouchers for free aftershocks, so I had a few of them. (saved me lots of money on buying alkeyhol) The aftershock tent was pretty cool - they had a couple of pole dancers entertaining everyone for most of the night.

Music wise, I didn't really catch as much as I might have liked but saw bits of Faithless, Westwood, Jazzy Jeff and Grandmaster Flash. I saw all of Lamb, they were very good, the lead singer was wearing this funky oriental type dress. She said they've got a best of album out soon and "I would call it a greatest hits album, except none of them were". Which was quite funny.

All the crowds meant that we kept on getting split up, and I lost
Will pretty early on! I was a bit lame, and left fairly early, to catch the last train back. I feel old - had akey legs and feet after all the standing around. Oh well.

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