Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A few links

For a list of all the places that give a months free rental check here:
You can keep on cancelling them and get several months worh of free dvd goodness...

Free digital photo printouts here:

I am very much looking forward to SIN City - the movie of my favourite comic book.
The official site http://www.sincitythemovie.com/ is now online with characters info (with new clips), movie info, lots of new photos, desktops, games, the trailer, IM icons, posters, and much more.

Demotivators: You'll like these parodies of the motivational type posters you see in offices: http://store.yahoo.com/demotivators/proc24x30pri.html is my favourite. Click through the links on the left to see the rest.

My crazy brother has a new website for his hippidy hop project: http://www.SeddonDoleo.co.uk - a bit light on content at the moment, but he has his tunes there to download.

Save money on DVDs - use the vouchers from this website:

This link is to a money saving forum topic with lots of info about the various online glasses sites like the much talked about glasses direct.

1 comment:

Peter Seddon said...

Crazy brother? Only on the weekends!

Quite funny on my page I can see every link to my site posted! Don't even know how it know's Quite clever really. Thank's for the free ad bro. (crazy brother?! bah!)