Saturday, November 18, 2006

some more cool links

>> Swearing Sparklers <<
some sparklers and camera on a long exposure

>> Scare your Gran this Xmas <<
sick jokes to print out and put in crackers book/

>> 248 ways to annoy people <<

Costume dogs - your new favourite site.

Carfeul, you never know when a homosexual is about

Surprise big winners at the Latin Grammys were Calle 13. Probably the most sophisticated exponents of Reggaeton, this Puerto Rican duo splice political lyrics with hip-shaking melodies.

Amazon shipping - Delivery's only free at Amazon if you spend over £15, so it can sometimes be cheaper to buy something extra to avoid paying extra. This site is useful for finding cheap items to bump your order up to £15:

And finally

Cats are sneaky

Michael Hughes buys kitschy souvenirs that depict tourist attractions; then he brings them to the attractions they depict and photographs them superimposed over the bit of the attraction they depict. It's hard to explain, but it is sheer photography comedy gold.

Simpsons movie trailer

Green Eggs & Ham - rock style

Fat Wonder-Woman, This is hilarious

My best man, Sumit has just recently launched a myspace site with lots of his images on it.

Mentos + Coke = Fun
What happens when you add a packet of sweets to a popular soft drink? You get a 5m (16ft) high fizzy-drink fountain, of course.

The real life inspiration for borat

donald duck exposes christina - how odd

Tim Westwood soundboard - Now you can, essentially, recreate his entire show with this simple compilation of stock phrases and SFX.

>> X-rated Harry Potter <<
Enjoyable cut-up of Stephen Fry's Harry Potter audio books for pornographic

Transformers Halloween costumes
Best ever!

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