Thursday, March 22, 2007

Recent film viewing

I was just looking at the list of films I've seen recently (I use this online film rental thing) and I realised I've seen loads in the last few months.

Here are a few highlights, with my comments.

Top Picks
The Departed
Oscar winner from Martin Scorsese. A big improvement on the Japanese film it is based on, it features 2 cops - one of whom is working for a gangster, the other is undercover, pretending to work for the same gangster. All star cast and great performances.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Robert Downey Jr is brilliant as a wannabe actor who lands a role in a detective film, and Val Kilmer is great as the camp real life detective he shadows to prepare for the part. Then a real life mystery occurs that he needs to get to the bottom of. Really enjoyable and some great laugh out loud dialogue at times.

Junebug (A guy returns with his wife to visit his family out in the sticks in southern USA)
Mirrormask (Quirky CGI animated fantasy from the minds of Sandman Creators Dave MacKean & Neil Gaiman)
The Princess Bride (Old film, I know, but I finally got around to watching it, and its lovely.)

Fun but silly
Slither (Invasion from slithery alien wotsits. Good old fashioned fun in the vein of Critters or Tremors)
Crank and Transporter 2 (Great silly action from Jason Stratham)
Angel-A (Leon's Luc Besson directs a beautiful black and whit film set in Paris, about a looser, and a woman who tries to help him)

The Hills Have Eyes (Disturbing remake, tourists get stuck in their campervan in Mutantville)
Hostel (American tourists in a hostel. Very horrific. Also watched director Eli Rouths's debut, Cabin Fever, about a group of teens who catch a flesh eating virus out in the woods)

Interesting, a bit different
Brick (Strange film noir detective story, but the detective is a school kid)
Everything Is Illuminated (American visits East Europe to discover his roots)
Fearless (Jet Lee actioner. Entertaining fun in the vein of Hero)
Grizzly Man (Documentary about an eccentric who lives with grizzly bears in the wild)
Hustle And Flow (A pimp tries to improve his lot by entering the hip hop game)
Stander (True story, based during apartite South Africa, a policeman decides to become a bank robber)
Marie-Antoinette (Director of Lost in Translation, films the extravagant lifestyle of the young princess)

Just rubbish
DOA - Dead Or Alive (Based on a beat 'em up computer game, I thought it might be fun nonsense. Actually it was just nonsense)
Ultraviolet (It got terrible reviews, but I thought it might be fun anyway as I enjoyed the Director's previous film, "Equilbrium". Turns out it was just rubbish after all)

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