Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heroes Run (even when it's cold out)

Today was the return of HEROES RUN fun run along Brighton Beach to raise money for the charity Passing It On to fund its Africa projects. This is the the 3rd year running I've been able to make it to take some photos for the blog, 2009 here and 2008 here

Once again this year they attempted to break the World record for the most superheroes in one place. Last year they set the record at 554 but it was beaten in August 2009 by Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth in New Hampshire, USA with a new record of 1016. I believe they were successful, but don't know the final count.

The idea is simple; people dress up as a hero and run (or Jog) along Brighton seafront down to the Lagoon and back in either a 10k or 5k run.

This year was more cloudy, cold and windy & rainy than previous years, but the numbers of people taking part looked to be up once again.

After the record breaking count, the day started as usual with the Children's race.

But before long everyone was all set to go at the starting line...

There lots of people there to give support, including Spiderdog (who does whatever a Spiderdog does).

This chap, was the fastest runner by quite a margin

Here are my favourite costumes, picked out for being a little different to the hundreds of Batmen (& women), Supermen (& girls), Wonderwomen (& men).

Ming the Merciless

Nightcrawler from the X-Men

Hitgirl (fromKiskass) & Rorschach (from Watchmen)

Comedian from Watchmen
Hong Kong Phoey

Above is Lion-O from Thundercats (a popular theme this year).

Of course along with the standard Superhero Costumes were some more eccentric outfits:

The above chap seems to think he's the real life superhero of Epsom. (The article i've linked to doesn't mention that his outfit wouldn't be counted in the official Guiness record attempt though).

Supergrovers & pooch.

I kid you not, the above chap calls himself "Mr Testicles".

Gandhi, who was pretty super, and heroic. And star of 1994's "Hulk vs Gandhi" published by Marvel. Planned as a 4 issue series, it only lasted one panel.

Was going to say "No comment" on the above. I notice now, that it could be an extreme version of the new Batwoman costume.

Extreme Team award:

This team were carrying along 2 stretchers, with weights attached. Extra points for the great Captain Britain costume.

Celeb Spotting:

One of Brighton's biggest celebrities, Norman Cooke took part in the full 10km run. Sadly I took a somewhat out of focus duff photo. Norm is the second on the left wearing the "Fatboy" balloon shorts, part of a combo of Asterix styled costumes.

So that's it for another year.Look forward to the next one.

Official site:
Official Photo Gallery
And naturally lots on Flickr too

And this story/ my photos have been featured on Bleeding Cool.

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