Friday, January 17, 2003

After spending 4 months in Sydney (and as lovely as our flat is), Jo and I had been thinking that it was time to move on. We have been trying to find someone to take over our lease for our flat (we had a 6 month lease), so that we can get on with our travels. We placed our ad in the paper on Wednesday, on Thursday someone confirmed with the landlord that they wanted to move into our flat, with us to move out on Saturday. As you can imagine, with just 2 days to get our exodus and travel plans prepared, it was a pretty manic period of getting everything sorted - but somehow we did it.

Before finally leaving Sydney went on a trip with Melanie and her friend Hayden to the Blue Mountains (which we still hadn't gotten around to doing). It was a lovely little trip to finish off our stay in Sydney with, taking in the magnificent hazy forest views. I write this now as I'm waiting for our caoch to Camberra - we're stopping there for a couple of days (and saying hello to Julie Lovell) before going on to Melbourne & Cairns & Barrier Reef and all that, before leaving for our Jaunt around South East Asia. I'll be sad to leave Sydney (and our lovely little flat), but also glad to be getting on with the rest of our journey.

It's so odd to be living out of a backpack now after spending so long living in a civilised manner(ish). Currently we're expecting to get back to jolly old England at the beginning of April.

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