Thursday, January 02, 2003

Hope you've had a good Christmas and New years. The Christmas weather was somewhat subdued over here, so I can't boast about that too much, but New Years was very exciting. We (me, Jo and Mel) went over to Blues Point in North Sydney ( at 3:30 pm to stake out a good viewing spot. The 8 or so hours flew by (ish) but I was thrilled that we had such a good spot on the foreshore with fantastic view of the bridge and Operah house. The fireworks display may well have been the best I've ever seen - here's a pikkie of what we saw:

I've finished working at WSPA (for the moment at least) and have been working for a pharmecutical marketing company doing follow up phone calls to people on a trial medicine, to ask them a number of questions about how they're doing. Its pretty interesting stuff - you never know what the person who picks up the phone is going to be like.

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