Thursday, July 31, 2003

Does the search for the rowntree continue?

As we all know, the ads for Rowntree's gummy sweet products feature a boy's adventures in a magical world. Each of the ads ended with "the search for the Rowntree continues..."

I havent seen any ads recently. Was it concluded? I demand to know.

Well, you can start your own magical adventure in this Shockwave Search for the Rowntree.

Some other people have been doing their own search for Rowntree.

If you search for Rowntree at Amazon you could find out how to study better.

If you were searching for Jean Rowntree, I hate to break it to you...

On the nestlr Website though it says:
There will be a new competition every month until further notice. The first closing date will be midnight on 31st March 2001 and winners will be notified by e-mail by 14th April 2001. Thereafter the closing dates will be at midnight on the last day of each month and winners will be notified within 28 days. guess the search for the rowntree continues until further notice. Magical!

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