Thursday, July 31, 2003

An update from me - I'm now living in Brighton

Been a while since I did an update, so here we go…

I'm now in Hove (Brighton). Jo and I are staying at my Gran's old house. My mum lets it out to students during term time, so it is free to use during the summer. It means we've got until the end of August to find the next place to stay cos we have to move out when the stinky students arrive in September. So the house rental search is on…

Ive also got a new car, which I bought before we left London. It is a purple Fiat Bravo and a boomin' stereo.

Jo is working for Kimberly Clark doing an accountancy role. She was commuting to Brighton for a week from London, but now that she's here its just a quick bus ride there. She is using her newfound time to nag me. I am still job hunting, looking for an Accountancy role, with study support for CIMA.

Jo was walking around the lanes in Brighton during her lunch hour,
thinking to herself how nice it was to be down by the sea, with lots of trendy shops, when a seagul pooped on her head. I tried not to laugh when she phoned me.

Jo's mum came down for a visit. It was at the same time that my mum was here, and we wondered how they'd get on. We needn't have worried - they went out for a walk along the seafront and came back with a nice armchair which they'd found sitting on the pavement. Seemed a bit nice to be throwing away. Sandra then won my mum’s admiration forever by washing the net curtains.

We’ve been up to Devils Dyke (a nice area for walks), and passed a place called the "Dyke's Tavern". (Wonder what sort of
clientelle they attract?) It’s a bit like Dartmoor (kind of) and is a cool prace to get away too. Jo finished off her film by taking a picture of some bullocks. I said bullocks.

I went to my cousin Erica's wedding the other weekend. Which was fun. I find out lots of things about my cousin which I disn’t know about before. She is into Larping (live action role playing) and was wearing a big golden cloak. They were playing all kinds of sci fi music during the ceremony, like the wedding theme from star wars (I think), and bizzarely that horrific bit of scary style classical music that goes da da da da! da da da daaa da da-da (by Wagner or Beethoven maybe?). It might have been on the omen soundtrack.
The best man made jokes about different versions of windows in his speech. Which is petty geeky. There was a man who had a funny beard and danced a little bit like a space invader and a girl who had a bit of a larp style floaty dress, but she got it twisted, and she was dancing about, unaware of the fact that she was showing off her big granny knickers.

Have just watched Bruce Willis' new film Tears of the Sun and found
it...hmm... warmotional. I give it 2 eggs and a half. wobble.
Other films I’ve been catching up on include; Bruce Almighty, Cats and Dogs (disappointing), Treasure Planet (better than I was expecting), Reign of Fire (brainless fun, terrible accent from Christian Bale), Tigerland (colin farel is bloody everywhere).

I want to see the Hulk. Though then there is terminator 3 that i have
to see. Although, will probably end up seeing some daft foreign film
with Jo like Respiro or Waverider. looks cool, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. .

This optical illusion is very freaky.
Its given me a headache.

Type "weapons of mass destruction" or "French military victories"
into the Google search box, and hit the "I feel lucky"

If you haven’t yet heard my masterpiece, check out to download Green Eggs and ham in real live Born Freaky Stylers audio. Probably takes a fair while as i'm not used to all this net audio stuff.

Can I get a re-wind!


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