Saturday, January 29, 2005

Big News

The 13th January was the 4th anniversary of myself and Joanne going out. The perfect time, I thought, to propose. Which is what I did - so I am now officially engaged.

Below are some of the first reactions I got back from people by email:

I KNEW it, you maggot. Congratulations (on both counts!)! Glad Jo said yes(as if she wouldn't)!
Jo Clift

Well wow!! Fantastic! I'm bowled over! I'm so chuffed for you guys - that's just the best news! If I may... you guys are without doubt one of the strongest couples I know of, and think you are smashing together!

Wow - Husband-to-be/Uncle Mark - fantastic news. Congratulations, we're so happy for you both

Congratulations! That is great news and very, very grown up! House, niece and financee.... Really pleased for you.

Congratulations from both myself and Grainne. Have to say though, I thought you were gay (Joke)! James McNally

Many congratulations! another one bites the dust !VERY Grown up move! but a good one!
i look forward to your stag do!!!!! a promised to get you mashed !!!!!!
Tom Scruby

Not another one. What is it with everyone getting married? Congratulations to both you and Jo by the way. Very grown up Mark, I'm starting to worry about you.

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