Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The internet is amazing...

Seeing so many old faces from Uni Radio days got me thinking about who I've not seen on there yet. That made me think about my poor assistant on URE FM 98, Bruce Wallace, who I think I drove near insane on the late night show.

A little google discovers he studied here:
Exeter was his year abroad.

Combining this knowledge into my seach turns up this little article about Columbia Journalism School with all manner of biographical info:
"The first person I met on campus, Bruce Wallace, is a student enrolled in the school's traditional program, intended to result in a Master of Science degree after an intensive year of studies...
Wallace is a native of Baltimore who left his job as the manager of the classifieds at the San Francisco Guardian, an alternative weekly, to hone the skills that he hopes will take him to a daily to do local political reporting. The 1999 graduate of Kenyon College had done a little campus radio before heading off to tend bar in Alaska. In San Francisco he got hooked on city hall gossip, and though he was no fan of Mayor Willie Brown, or of "corporate power allied with politicians" generally, he's certain he'll be able to bring fairness to his future job as a political reporter."

And using this knowledge turns up this page, featuring actual audio of Bruce. I'm amazed that I immediately recognise his voice, 10 years on.

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