Sunday, June 17, 2007

June News Catchup

No proper blogs from me for a bit, so here's a catchup.

I was busy with my exams until the end of May, but then once those were out of the way I was back to doing fun things.

The first thing was to go down to Devon for Jo to have a family get together to celebrate her 30th Birthday.

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While we are there, we go to Paignton Zoo, which gives me a chance to try out my new camera. They have some lovely animals, including a new baby Rhino, Mandrills, mokeyhouse including Orangutans. Selection of photos here.

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The following weekend we have a 3oth Birthday celebration in Brighton too, and we go out with some friends to Vanilla. My sister is down to visit with her family too - it is amazing how quickly baby Jasmine is growing up. On the Sunday, we go to visit the sealife centre in brighton. Although I've lived here for a little while now, it's one of those tourist attractions that is on your doorstep but don't go to see - I hadn't been for about 25 ish years, when back then they had a dolphin display.

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Last weekend I wnet down to Dulwich for my Dad's 60th birthday party. When we arrived, I got a text message from my friend Sumit saying that there was a grand reopening of the Royal Festival Hall following a big refurbishment, and as part of the launch he was having some of his artwork projected on the side of the building.

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We went down there for the event, which also included choral singing from a barge on the Thames and a silent disco (lots of people with headphones on, all dancing along together). Also, Sumit has a new website :

So that's my latest stuff up to date. I'm also on Facebook now, which is strangely addictive.

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