Saturday, October 04, 2008

Blog update - Summer 2008

I haven't updated the blog in ages, so here's a checkilist of some of the thing's I've not blogged about yet...

I am a Godfather - Grace's Christening was in April

We were also "In Bruges". Taking the Eurotunnel across, and meeting up with our friends Rober and Karo, we visited a brewery, tried many beers (all in different glasses) and had some nice food (though Karo tried Steak tartare - raw beef... ugh).
Facebook photos here.

We went to see Avenue Q, a rude musical largely inspired by (and is in the style of) Sesame Street. Jo liked so much she went to see it twice!

My fired Will turned 30, and came over to the UK briefly from Oz. We met in his old hometown of Bradninch where the local music festival was going on and had a few local ales. Photos here.

After living in Brighton for 5 ish years, and never seing the Pride parade, we finally did. It rained for most of the morning, but it was pretty funny, with some outrageous costumes, with the funniest being the Dolly Parton's. Facebook photos. Some other site's photos here.

Our friends Rober & Karo got married in a nice town near Vienna.
Photos; flickr , facebook, photoworks.

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