Saturday, December 01, 2007

I got ham, but I'm not a Hamster

Just this week we saw Bill Bailey on his Tinselworm tour. The title of this post refers to his reworking of The Killer's lyric "I got soul, but I'm not a soldier".

Aaaaaanyway, traveling back in time to my previous post, the same night of our finance conference, my sister had her second baby, also my second Niece, Grace.

Other things of recent note:

I went for a visit to a powerstation up north with work. Quite interesting.

I cleared some scrubland for a volunteering day out with work. And burnt all the gauze on a nice big bonfire.

I saw my ex-radio partner Tom Davies on stage in Brighton performing Victorian flavoured sketch show "Aneas Faversham" with the Penny Dreadfuls. It was very funny stuff, reminding me a little of the early League of Gentlemen.

I saw the fantastic Slava's Snowshow at the Theatre Royal, Brighton - an incredible clowning performance, with lovely methods of interacting with the audience.

I got free tickets to see Comedian Shaun Hughes, who was performing as part of the Brighton comedy festival.

My friend Sumit had his 30th birthday in London at a pub in North London where I met some old school contempories who I've not seen in 11 years. I found out that another bloke in my year is in the England rugby squad. The next day I saw Transformers with Sumit at the Imax cinema. The fast moving kinetic pace of the film hurt my eyes, trying to take it all in on such a vast screen.

We stayed in on 5th November to watch the fireworks from Hove Cricket ground (the largest local display). We had great views and were able to enjoy them from the comfort of a nice warm comfy chair with nibbles! (Jo and Ben came to visit for that).

And last weekend I met up with Tom again, to see his girlfriend perform at the Komedia, as one half of the very funny Girl and Dean.

These are my current diversions:

TV: Flight of the Conchords
DVD: Deadwood season 3
Music: Nouvelle Vague

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